Our Pricing

Color Teams Individual
Standard $15 $30
Chrome $75 $95
Metalics $20 $35

Color Chart: (Click Here)

How to Ship to Us

The steps outlined on the right will help ensure your items are received with no damage.

FedEx is our preferred vendor. Clicking on their logo will provide you with their estimated delivery time.

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Shipping Process and Order Form

  1. Remove the facemasks from helmets. Any obvious damage such as bends, weld breaks, etc.; should be discarded.
    • If we receive any damaged facemasks, you will be contacted with affordable options.
    • Pack the facemasks in the shipping box as tightly as possible. Select a box size to maximize your shipment which will also reduce shipping costs. With the correct box size, you can pack 30 - 40.
    • Number each of your boxes (ex: 1 of XX, etc)

  2. Complete our order form online; print; sign and include a copy in box 1 of your shipment. (ORDER FORM)

  3. Ship to:
    Red Zone Reconditioning
    105 Metro Drive
    Anderson, SC 29625

    To determine when we will receive your shipment please click on theFedEx logo.

  4. Payment in full is due prior to our returning your face masks.
    • Checks can be included and attached to your order form
    • An invoice can be requested and a check can then be sent
    • Purchase Orders are accepted - please contact us so we can begin any process required
    • Credit Card payments are accepted.